Dutch defence implements SAP


In this defence World Wide Wrap: Dutch to implement SAP and Oz reviews defence equipment buying.

Dutch defence implements SAP

The Dutch ministry of defence, as part of its strategic programme for ERP enabled change (SPEER), signed a six year contract with Atos Origin to implement SAP applications based on defence industry solutions (DFPS), reports Consultant-news.com.

This will form part of and cover the ministry of defence`s finance and logistics operations. Due to the complexity and duration of this programme, several ICT and consulting companies will collaborate to ensure the success of SPEER.

The SPEER project sees the Dutch defence redesigned and implements common financial and logistic processes using the SAP DFPS. This solution is specifically designed to support operational activities during peacetime, peacekeeping and combat situations.

Defence equipment spend under review in Oz

The Australian federal government is to begin a major review of how and where it buys equipment for troops as it moves towards developing a defence industry policy, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Defence minister Brendan Nelson said billions of taxpayer dollars were spent annually buying equipment from defence companies for Australia`s armed forces but the government had not drawn up a concrete policy focused on defence equipment purchases.

Nelson told a defence industry policy roundtable he recently grounded the navy`s Seasprite helicopters because of software and technical problems. The Seasprites cost taxpayers AU$1 billion and the government is now considering axing the Seasprite project and suing the contractors.