Denel’s PMP reaches two million accident free hours


Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP) recently celebrated two million injury-free working hours for only the second time in the company’s 72 year history. In a run of accident-free hours that started on June 4 2009, PMP (a manufacturer of hunting and defence ammunition) reached the two million injury-free working hour mark on February 18 2010.

The company passed the one million hour mark last year in October 2009, and has achieved this level on a number of occasions in its distinguished career. “However, reaching the two million level, is a special and rare achievement. It takes a concerted commitment to health and safety from each and every employee for this type of goal to be met,” says Carel Wolhuter, PMP CE.
“The first time PMP reached two million injury-free hours was in 2004, and we are extremely proud to have started 2010 on this positive footing. The company is now working its way to a three million hour record!”

The recent achievement sets PMP’s safety history at a new record in terms of its Lost Time to Injury Frequency (LTIF) ratio which now stands at 0,13. PMP’s all-time record was achieved on 30 September 2004, when 2 707 717 hours were worked without a reportable incident. While workplace injuries continue to challenge South Africa’s mining and manufacturing sectors among others, occupational health and safety has become a government priority. The Denel Group’s stringent policies on occupational health and safety (OHS) therefore mirror the state’s commitment.

By linking OHS to staff training, the state-owned enterprise (SOE) has already seen the value of this approach – achieving significant milestones at various Denel subsidiaries. Talib Sadik, Denel’s Group CEO, congratulated all employees, and also passed on the congratulations from the PMP Board.

Pic: PMP CE Carel Wolhuter congratulates security manager Paul Mpofu and other staff on their achievement.