Denel’s new products will make International debut at London Defence Expo


New global innovations in landward defence products manufactured by Denel will make their international debut at the DSEI defence exhibition in London this month. 

“We have chosen DSEI to launch these systems internationally because it is the world’s largest fully-integrated defence expo and attracts industry leaders, decision-makers and analysts from across the globe,” says the Group Chief Executive of Denel, Riaz Saloojee.

On display for the first time will be the GI-30 30mm CamGun and the M10 – 60mm breech –loading mortar, both designed and manufactured at Denel Land Systems in Lyttelton.
“We are confident that the GI-30 will impress and excite the industry and visitors to DSEI. It was developed as part of our contract to deliver a world leading infantry combat vehicle for the South African Army.
“It will be the main weapon system on the South African Badger ICV but can be easily fitted into other turrets on the market,” says Mr Saloojee.

Stephan Burger the CEO of Denel Land Systems (DLS) says both the GI-30 and the M10 mortar system are global leaders in their fields with unique features that are not yet available on other systems.

The GI-30 is an externally driven electro-mechanical cannon, utilising a drum-cam to cycle the breech to chamber rounds and extract spent cartridges. This reduces gases in the confines of a turret and improves the controlled firing rate. DLS designed the GI-30 to fire link-less 30 x 173mm ammunition through a dual feeder – a world-first for this kind of weapon.

As a single-shot weapon, it is also unique for its sniper mode of operation. It is fired from a closed-breech position, which offers more accurate fire because no movement takes place immediately before the round is fired. It has an effective range of 4 000 metres and can fire up to 100 rounds per minute.

The GI-30 CamGun uses SAPHEI, APFSDS (Armoured Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot) and TPT (Target Practice Type) ammunition types, designed and manufactured by Denel PMP, another company in the Denel Group, as well as ammunition from Oerlikon and Nammo. Ammunition is replenished from the supply inside the turret.

Mr Burger says the 60mm Long-range mortar system was also developed in parallel with the Badger but can easily be adapted to fit into most standard turrets. Its range of 6 000 metres at sea level makes it’s the world leader in its class. Another unique feature is its range of elevation — from -5° to +70° — which allows it to be employed in a direct fire application.

The M10 long range mortar represents the latest innovation in Denel Land Systems’ well-established and renowned ballistic products.

The new features make it an ideal weapon system for peace support operations and the changing nature of modern conflict in urban or other close environments. With its compact size and low recoil (54kN), the mortar can be fitted to light vehicles such as a pickup truck or even a boat.

The system can provide a sustained rate of fire of six rounds per minute or eight rounds per minute at one minute intervals – for 250 bombs

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