Denel Vehicle Systems equipment up for auction this week


Trucks, vehicles, forklifts, motors, redundant stock and more from Denel Vehicle Systems will be up for auction in Benoni this week.

RootX will on 26 October be auctioning Denel Vehicle Systems equipment at 12 Barnsley Street in Benoni, with viewing taking place on 25 October.

Equipment that will go under the auctioneer’s hammer includes four 3-ton forklifts, half a dozen pallet jacks, ten vehicles ranging from bakkies to sedans, a large number of grinders, a bridge simulator, Cummins and Steyr engines and vehicle spares. Production equipment includes testing jigs, drills, grinders, and milling machines.

Office equipment will also be auctioned, and this includes urns, kettles, microwaves, heaters, fans, air conditioners, freezers, ovens, fridges, water coolers and TVs.

At the beginning of this year, Denel was looking to hire a professional auctioneer for a period of three years, to dispose of moveable and immoveable assets.

The loss-making company is disposing of assets and exiting entities as part of its turnaround strategy. Many of its divisions have ground to a halt due to liquidity constraints and unpaid salaries, including Denel Vehicle Systems. In April this year, Michele Clarke, Democratic Alliance (DA) shadow deputy public enterprises minister, visited Denel Vehicle Systems in Benoni, where she said “The company is reduced to empty factories and has lost a highly competent and skilled workforce. Three divisions – OMC, Gear Ratio and Mechatronics – responsible for armoured vehicles, turret and fire control systems and driveline systems, once boasted around 1 200 highly skilled staff. The staff compliment is currently 200 people being paid at 50% of their salaries.

“The plants, which manufactured highly sophisticated combat vehicles including RG31s, RG32s and RG41s are at a standstill. No vehicles are being manufactured due to Denel’s financial woes. The building and plant represents a ghost town,” she said.