Denel trademark abused by fraudsters


State-owned defence and technology conglomerate Denel has to work hard not only to keep the balance sheet healthy but now has to contend with fraudulent use of one of its trademarks as well.

“A fraudulent email is being distributed to potential suppliers to elicit information on behalf of Denel Maritime. The email contains a PDF attachment with a fraudulent Request for Quotation (RfQ) DT08/5116/2017 for Mobile Jaw Crusher Model MJC-C490-1000tt,” according to a Denel statement. Different versions have been sent to – and received – by different suppliers,” according to a Denel statement.

To help suppliers in good stead and serve as a warning to future potential abuse of either the Denel name or any of its registered trademarks and logos, Denel points out “the email address domain used is different and has been used instead of”.

Suppliers are asked to note the differences between the real Denel email address and the fraudulent one.

A further pointer to the fraud is that Denel’s head office address is incorrectly given. It is the Denel Aviation address in Kempton Park. The Denel head office is in Irene, Centurion.

At the same time Denel warns against what it calls the issue of fraudulent tenders.
“Here the modus operandi seems to be for the scammer to post a tender with fake credentials looking for some product with a fake part number and specification. The hopeful tenderer then researches the part description and finds there is only one supplier. This supplier is also falsified and has a fake website and catalogue created by the scammer. The hopeful supplier then requests a price, adds his mark-up and submits his offer. Supplier then ‘wins’ the tender and receives a fake order. He then places an order with the fake manufacturer who demands part or full payment. Once the deposit is paid all links disappear along with the hopeful supplier’s cash. ”