Denel moving into civil security sector


An indication Denel is moving into areas other than pure defence comes with the announcement of a partnership with Aviation Co-ordination Services (ACS) to provide secure hold baggage screening services at African airports.

A memorandum of understanding signed this week will see Denel, through its recently established Denel Integrated Systems and Maritime (DSIM) division work and co-operate with ACS at airports outside South Africa.
“We are combining the experience, reputation and resources of Denel with the specialist technology and expertise offered by ACS to provide safe, secure and cost effective operational services to airlines operating at African airports,” said Ismail Dockrat, DISM chief executive.

DISM is the newest addition in the Denel stable and was created primarily to partner with other companies in the defence and security sectors where design, management, integration and through-life support of security systems is a priority.
“The agreement with ACS is an opportunity for us to start playing a role in the security arena on the African continent,” Dockrat said, adding it would see what he termed the “implementation of security measures needed at African airports to enable compliance with international standards”.

Hold baggage screening technology is a critical requirement for airlines operating internationally. The African Union has, according to DISM, been keeping pace with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) and various national civil aviation authorities’ screening requirements.

Juan van Rensburg, ACS chief executive, said the company has more than 17 years of experience in screening hold baggage on behalf of airlines operating to and in South Africa.
“We look forward to exploring possibilities with Denel and rolling out similar services in other parts of Africa. This alliance is the first foray for Denel into the international civil security sector.”

The DISM division housed at Denel Kempton Park campus will manage implementation of the memorandum on Denel’s behalf and together with ACS commence initial assessments in targeted key African markets.