Denel making its mark at Chile’s FIDAE


Denel is currently displaying its product range at the annual FIDAE exhibition in Santiago, Chile, with the Denel Dynamics Seeker 400 taking pride of place. The show started yesterday and runs to Sunday.

FIDAE organisers have earmarked Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as the product to watch at this year’s exhibition, and Denel Senior Executive Business Development Willie Pienaar says the company will be showcasing its world-class capabilities in this area. “UAVs are fast becoming a key spending priority for governments seeking to take their defence capabilities into the 21st century. This is because this technology provides new and exciting intelligence and reconnaissance capabilities,” says Pienaar. He adds that a number of South American countries have already expressed interest in various products on the market, making this the ideal space for Denel Dynamics to demonstrate its UAV capabilities.
“With the international defence and aerospace industry being predominantly controlled by the American, Asian and European markets, it is of critical importance that Africa showcases its world-class research, development and production capabilities,” says To this end, Denel’s FIDAE contingent will comprise Denel Aviation, Denel Dynamics, Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP) and Denel Personnel Solutions – companies ideally suited to add value and compete in the South American market.

The group will be exhibiting alongside aerospace giants Airbus, Boeing, Hyundai and Lockheed Martin, among others.

Beyond showcasing Africa’s arms capabilities and value-add, Denel will use the exhibition to further benchmark its products against those of other international defence players, and demonstrate their suitability for use in the region. “Denel is already active in South America, as seen in Denel Dynamics’ joint partnership for the development of the fifth generation A-Darter missile with Brazil. Our participation at FIDAE will give us the opportunity to expand our reach in the region, and deepen our access to the South American market. Our exhibit will showcase the Group’s comprehensive service offering, highlighting specific products, our maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) capabilities, and our personnel solutions in particular,” Pienaar added.

Other Denel products on display will include a full ammunition range from PMP. Denel Aviation’s accreditations are also sure to draw interest, serving to position the company as an alternative and competitive MRO destination for air forces in the region.

With the South American defence market still showing significant growth potential (standing in stark contrast to the reduced defence budgets of most developed regions), this year’s FIDAE exhibition promises to see most companies present pull out all the stops to attract and secure new business. “Denel is looking forward to deepening its foothold in this region, and will therefore be using this opportunity to maximum effect,” says Pienaar.