Denel looking to more BRICS partnerships


With two concrete collaborations already in place with BRICS member states, Denel will use next week’s Durban Summit to build more defence industry partnerships.

The state-owned defence industry conglomerate will have a strong presence at the Summit to position itself as South Africa’s obvious partner-of-choice for companies looking to extend business into Africa chief executive Riaz Salojee said.

With a proven record for quality products and services across the spectrum of defence manufacturing – from landward, to aerospace, to missile technology, to maintenance services – Denel offers advanced facilities, a world-class skills pool and an unflinching commitment to excellence, innovation, research and development.
“Denel is excited about the many opportunities for new business and co-operation flowing from South Africa’s role within the BRICS community,” said Saloojee.
“We have established joint ventures with key defence industry players in the BRICS countries and I am convinced the Durban Summit will provide even greater exposure of the products we manufacture and the services we provide.”

Among the most prominent projects are:
• Denel Dynamics is working with Brazil on the development of the A-Darter, a short-range air-to –air missile;
• Denel Aviation has a relationship with Russian Helicopters to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services to its range of products in Africa; and
• Denel Aerostructures is involved in talks with Embraer SA to manufacture parts on future aircraft construction.

Saloojee said Denel will also participate in presentations and exhibitions on the capabilities of the South African defence industry, to be hosted by the Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Industries Association (AMD) on the side of the Summit.

The co-operation between Denel Dynamics and Brazil has resulted in the development of the 5th generation A-Darter – an agile missile able to manoeuvre at high G-forces with lock-on after launch capability.

The A-Darter, to be produced in both South Africa and Brazil, has already completed extensive testing including guided launches at the Denel Overberg Test Range.

The Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition (AAD) last September provided the backdrop for the signing of an agreement between Denel and Russian Helicopters. In terms of this, Denel Aviation will, in future, be responsible for maintenance and repair services on helicopters produced by Russian Helicopters on the African continent.
“We are delighted to have relations with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rotary wing aircraft and are looking forward to extend this relationship in the future,” Saloojee said.

With Russian Helicopters expanding its presence in Africa Denel Aviation provides a world-class facility and highly-skilled engineering and technical base to support its products.

Denel Aerostructures (DAe) recently visited Brazil as part of a South African trade mission to its BRICS partner. The visit included meetings with senior executives of Embraer who were briefed about the company’s capabilities in the design, industrialisation and manufacturing of complex composite and metallic aircraft structures.

Saloojee sees Denel’s strategic location in Africa making it an ideal partner for companies in the BRICS group looking to expand their business in the defence and high-technology arenas.