Denel Dynamics’ financial year 2016/17 achievements


While the A-Darter air-to-air missile project has not gone according to plan, Denel Dynamics is upbeat about a number of other developments including final flight tests for its Seeker 400 UAV.

Other highlights, published in the recently released Denel Group annual report for 2016/17 include work done on skills developments and what bursary students have brought to the Denel Dynamics motto of being an innovation leader in advanced systems technology.

Among projects it sees as requiring investment to bring to fruition are a sense and avoid system for a land vehicle navigating obstacles; an intelligent grenade systems, a tactical observation system for infantry soldiers to observe enemy positions in closed environments such as urban warfare and an infrared dynamic scene generator.

Under its key products and services Denel Dynamics lists missile systems including “the joint South Africa/Brazil fifth generation A-Darter air-to-air, the Umkhonto IR air defence and the Ingwe and Mokopa anti-armour systems, as well as precision guided munitions and the Umbani and Raptor ll stand-off weapons”. It states the A-Darter seeker performance qualification flight trials were successfully completed as was the critical design review finalising the design baseline for industrialisation and manufacture.

A portable launch system was developed for Ingwe and the Marlin programme, for beyond visual range (BVR) missile technologies, was initiated and a flight test performed.

Denel Dynamics’ core business is the design, development and manufacture of tactical missiles and precision-guided weapons. It also offers competitive tactical UAVs and high-speed target systems and develops satellite systems for government through the SA National Space Agency.