Denel delivers A400M top shells on time for three years


Denel Aeronautics (formerly Denel Aerostructures) has achieved 70 consecutive on-time deliveries of top shells for the Airbus A400 military transport aircraft.

The shells constitute roof section of the pressurised fuselage and are positioned direction in front of the aircraft’s wing section.

The design-to-build contract was awarded to Denel in 2005 and up to now, 115 ship sets have been produced with the successful completion of aircraft MSN113 at the Airbus Defence Spain facility.

Because of its ship-in-place agreement with Airbus, Denel is allowed to produce structures in advance of the overall Airbus build programme. This is done in accordance with a fixed schedule and strict requirements for 100% completion of the physical build and the e-CAIR, detailing electronically the full build history of all produced sets.

The successful run on on-time deliveries started with the build for MSN44 in 2014 and came to end with the delivery for MSN113 in May this year. This three year achievement is one the project team is determined to beat as it aims to clock up even more consecutive on-time deliveries in the future.
“The achievement would not have been possible without persistent determination in the face of significant challenges and the continued commitment of employees,” was how programmer manager, Richard van Wyk, paid tribute to those involved in the record-setting achievement.

In addition to the top shells for the new generation military airlifter Denel was three years ago awarded another contract for key parts on the A400M. The company is now manufacturing ISO locks, a combination of aluminium rails and cross tracks for fitting to the aircraft cargo hold. The tender was won against international competition.

The Denel group company also manufactures ribs, spar and swords for the internal structure of the military airlifter.

According to the Airbus Defence website 174 of A400Ms have been ordered with 46 delivered and operational.