Denel at Land Forces Africa


Denel’s ability to provide African security forces with integrated defence solutions will be highlighted at a summit of defence decision-makers to be held in Tshwane next Monday and Tuesday.

The Land Forces Africa conference at the Heartfelt Arena in Thaba-Tshwane on July 6 and 7 brings together heads of defence forces, military planners and analysts from more than 44 countries on the African continent.
“This is an opportunity for Denel to showcase our prowess as Africa’s leading defence manufacturer and to demonstrate the quality of our products, systems and technology to people who take the important decisions about future acquisitions,” said Group Executive Business Development: Zwelakhe Ntshepe.
“There is a growing trend towards regional co-operation among defence forces on the continent and participation in multi-national peace-making and peacekeeping operations. This opens new opportunities for a versatile technology company such as Denel with the ability to integrate command-and-control functions with the products used by forces on the ground.
“We have strong roots in Africa and understand the operational requirements of our clients and the demands placed on defence technology and systems by climate, topography and logistical constraints.
“Denel’s approach is to provide comprehensive security solutions to clients and to support its products and systems with maintenance, training and logistical support. This makes us the most cost-effective partner for national and multi-national defence forces in Africa,” Ntshepe said.

Denel has built a strong reputation in the landward defence arena and the group is well-known for the quality of its artillery systems, armoured vehicles, mine-protection services and small- and medium-calibre ammunition.

He added Denel will use the Land Forces Africa conference to create partnerships with defence forces on the continent to develop technology and products that can meet their specific requirements.
“The range of our products and services extend beyond conventional defence requirements and technology developed by Denel is increasingly used in the fields of border security, anti-poaching operations and cyberspace.”