Denel at DSEi


Defence technology and products manufactured by companies in the state-owned Denel group will be on prominent display at the DSEi exhibition in London from tomorrow. The Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEi) is one of the largest shows of its kind in the world with more than 1300 companies representing 100 countries displaying their products in the London Docklands.

The DSEi exhibition takes place from 13-16 September. The previous exhibition, held in 2009, attracted over 25 000 attendees.

Denel group CE Talib Sadik says DSEi provides the business with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the quality of its products and services to prospective clients. “This is a major opportunity for Denel to grow our business and add to the R44 billion of prospects we are currently pursuing.
“We are world leaders in a number of defence products – most notably in artillery systems, mine-resistant vehicles, missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and optronics,” says Sadik. “I am confident that the South African pavilion, which Denel is under will, once again, be one of the most frequently visited exhibits at the show.”

This year, the Denel group will have a small but highly focussed products and services on display at DSEi:

Denel Land Systems will be displaying its 60mm long-range mortar system and NTW 20 anti-materiel armament. The NTW 20 is a bolt-action rifle capable of firing various 20mm X 82mm at high-value targets such as radar stations, petrol tankers, command-and-control centres and static helicopters and planes.

Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP), South Africa’s leading manufacturer of small- and medium-calibre ammunition, will showcase its PAW 20, personal area weapon. The mobile and versatile infantry weapon is a novel product that can fire high-performance 20mm ammunition at area targets up to a 1000 metres, at a muzzle velocity of 310 m/s.

Carl Zeiss Optronics will reveal its newly-developed compact range finder that can be used for observation in land, air and naval environments. Also on display will be its TLS40i, an easy to carry target location system that weighs less than 2kg.

In addition to the equipment on display, Denel will also market the 105mm LAV III light self-propelled howitzer (LSPH) beng developed with the US General Dynamics Land Systems. During tests conducted at Alkantpan in the Northern Cape recently, the system fired at a range of 30km and delivered 50% of its projectiles within the size of a rugby field.

DLS will also showcase an upgraded version of its LCT20 turret system that can be fitted on a wide range of armoured fighting vehicles. The upgrade improves the sighting system capabilities available to commanders of armoured fighting vehicles.

Sadik says it is important for the South African defence industry to have a strong presence at international exhibitions such as DSEi. “This is the major meeting place for decision-makers in the defence industry – ministers of defence, senior military commanders and officials responsible for acquisition are all together in one venue over a four day period.
“It enables us to market our products directly to the people who take the decisions to acquire future weapon-systems and military products – especially in our target markets in Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East.”

In addition to DSEi, Denel this year also participated in global defence exhibitions held in Abu Dhabi (IDEX), Rio de Janeiro (LAAD) and Turkey (IDEF).