Cybicom Atlas Defence receives periscope simulator order


Cybicom Atlas Defence (CAD) has been awarded a contract to supply a submarine periscope simulator for an undisclosed export customer in conjunction with Airbus Defence and Space Optronics.

“We are very proud to be in the position to export products like this, it showcases the capability of the South African defence industry”, said Dave Viljoen, Managing Director of CAD. “We also greatly appreciate our working relationship with the guys from Airbus Defence and Space Optronics”.

CAD said the SERO 250 Periscope Simulator (PSIM) is a high fidelity simulator for the SERO 250 Periscope System manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space. The simulator assists in facilitating navigational, safety and tactical training aspects of periscope use on a submarine in a safe training environment.

Customers for the SERO 250 periscope include Colombia, South Korea and Turkey, which all bought the periscope for their Type 209 submarines.

CAD said the SERO 250 PSIM makes use of Airbus equipment and components found on a real SERO 250 periscopes to preserve a high-fidelity human machine interface and is coupled with high-end image generation hardware and software based on Presagis Vega Prime graphics and custom developed software and hardware.

The Periscope Simulator provides simulated low light television and infrared views as well as a full complement of simulated functionality of the SERO 250 Periscope System and sub-components. The simulator provides for user customised terrain and models to be integrated into the system allowing for user expansion of features and functionality, according to CAD.

The SERO 250 is a compact periscope system that was specifically designed for retrofit programmes. It can make use of existing hoisting mechanisms, periscope bearings, seals, etc. The SERO 250 is available in an attack and search version. The search version includes a thermal imager.

CAD has supplied submarine periscope simulators to customers such as the South African Navy, having developed a SERO 400 periscope simulator for the Navy’s Heroine class Type 209s. The company has also developed a submarine combat information centre engineering test bed (ETB) for the South African Navy.

Earlier this year CAD said it was attracting work outside South Africa for submarine related services and had exported its first fully qualified (and locally design and developed) Submarine Escape Hatch Signalling system to South Korea.