CSIR aims to make radar and electronic warfare a transformed defence industry sector


The CSIR is going to implement a radar and electronic warfare transformative enterprise development (REWTED) programme with the aim of transforming and developing black-owned small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) in the radar and electronic warfare (REW) sector of the defence industry.

According to the scientific and technology research, development and implementation organisation the strategic intent of the programme is to support the National Development Programme’s goals and drive socio-economic transformation towards a knowledge based economy.

The REWTED programme can be seen as an extension of the Department of Defence’s broad socio-economic transformation mandate to transform South Africa’s defence sector. Its focus will be transformation of the South African REW sector by supporting previously marginalised black-owned SMMEs.

The REW Industry Support Strategy Implementation Plan will accelerate and support industry development for economic growth and further enable the REW black-owned SMMEs to actively participate in the national and regional defence economy a CSIR statement said. The REWTED programme will consist of two parallel tracks – technology development and enterprise development, concentrating on the long-term sustainability of the business.

Technology development will be based on the technology driven innovation model, which entails the development of new REW core technologies as well as the generation and creation of new knowledge using scientific breakthroughs. The model also supports strategic management of innovation as full innovation processes, emphasising that all innovation stems from scientific breakthroughs. The development of new technology should also include finding viable technology commercialisation opportunities.

No timeline has been given and further information can be obtained from [email protected].