Concern over ‘inflated’ SAPS rubber bullet tender


It has been alleged that the South African Police Service (SAPS) paid five times what they should have for less lethal ammunition.

According to the Government Tender Bulletin of 7 August 2020, IT Empowerment Technologies was awarded a three-year contract to supply and deliver soft silicone 12 gauge shotgun cartridges for the SAPS at a cost of R1 889 per box of 25 rounds.

The tender was awarded in July this year and is worth R30.5 million. IT Empowerment Technologies beat local companies Industrial Cartridge, ECM Technologies and Compliance & Security Advisory Service for the contract.

One of the losing bidders quoted R340 per box of 25, making its bid one fifth of the cost of IT Empowerment Technologies’.

Whistle blower Colonel (ret) David Peddle told ENCA this week that hundreds of thousands of rubber bullets are fired by the police every year. At R75 per round for IT Empowerment Technologies rounds, this is cause for concern, he said.

Peddle added that the ammunition was not tested to the latest SAPS specifications before the bid was approved.