Clean audit for Armscor


Armscor, the State-owned company resorting in Thandi Modise’s Defence and Military Veterans Ministry, “got the nod” as it were from the Office of the Auditor General earning an unqualified audit finding for the year ended 31 March 2021.

“Armscor is delighted to be awarded an unqualified audit finding – an outcome accomplished by very few organisations during this reporting period,” chief executive Advocate Solomzi Mbada is reported as saying in an Armscor statement.

“Impeccable corporate governance processes have been a hallmark which enabled the entity to maintain a track record of unqualified audits year-after-year even amid a pandemic,” the statement continues.

Mbada is further reported as saying Armscor has been successful in attaining its strategic objectives despite challenges including legacy IT systems hampering efficient delivery.

“To streamline processes and efficiencies, management is implementing IT solutions to mitigate current challenges. We remain committed to meeting the Department of Defence (DoD) defence matériel requirements effectively, efficiently and economically. During the period under review, Armscor was able to achieve and even exceed some targets outlined in the annual corporate plan.”