Today’s increasingly connected world needs advanced information solutions and security systems. As a global provider of security solutions and integrated security systems for the civil and military markets, Cassidian is developing the technologies of the future, drawing on its key competencies in aerospace, security, defence and services. On its stand at DSEI (stand no S2 – 310) Cassidian will present a selection of its range of defence and security solutions for current and future challenges and thus prove its leading position in the fields of secure infrastructure and services, Optronics, Electronic Warfare and Sensors.

Cassidian – Facts and figures



  Bernhard Gerwert

Employees (2012)

 ~ 28,800

Revenues (2012) *

€ 5.7 billion

EBIT (2012)*

 € 142 million

Order book (2012)*

€ 15.6 billion

Order intake (2012)*

€ 5.0 billion


* including MBDA with a 37.5% share

Cyber Security

Governments and companies share information through IT-based infrastructure and communication networks. In its TouchLab, Cassidian will present some new scenarios featuring various situations and facing its customers with a display (in an interactive environment) of its unique innovative solutions that have been developed to meet the challenges of the future.

Cassidian will use its TouchLab interactive area to demonstrate key aspects of cyber defence against the latest wave of cyber attack exploits. These include the use of cryptographic solutions, secure exchange gateways and security operations centres. Experts will be available to discuss how the use of specialist services can enhance the security posture of an organisation.

Secure Communications

Cassidian will present the Mobile IP (Internet Protocol) Node as an example of groundbreaking research that will improve the ability of military and emergency response services to communicate using voice, data and video in counter terror or post-natural disaster scenarios. The technology won the IET Innovation Award in 2012 in the Telecommunications category.

During peak traffic times or in extreme weather conditions networks can become congested, restricting the flow of traffic and impeding operations. Mobile IP Node takes a holistic view of all routes from sender to audience whilst considering external conditions, message file size, priority, and security level. Mobile IP Node then selects the optimum route. Users can be confident that a message will reach its intended audience securely regardless of file size or the scenario.

Secure Distributed Training Services

Cassidian is a full-service provider for the development, installation, acceptance, operation and maintenance of training media, particularly related to air systems. It forms partnerships with customers to provide expert services ranging from classroom and in-field instruction through simulator training right up to in-flight training. An overview of its capabilities will be shown.

The division also provides Training Services and Management. For example, Cassidian is responsible for the installation and operation of the Eurofighter Typhoon Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids (ASTA) for the German and Spanish Air Forces. Besides that, Cassidian e.g. delivers maintenance training programmes and other general training such as training for public transport organisations in Germany.

For the French Air Force pilot school the Cassidian Aviation Training Services (CATS) in Cognac provides fleet management for the training aircraft fleet and operation of ground based flight training devices. In fact, Cassidian trains the forces of seven nations: Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, UAE and Switzerland. Today 50 percent of training is performed on simulation media and Cassidian will be demonstrating some of this training capability at DSEI through the CFTD (Compact Flight Training Device).

Sensors and EW

Cassidian will show a new generation of naval radars with unprecedented capabilities for the surveillance of sea areas and countering asymmetric threats. TRS-4D is Cassidian’s innovative step from conventional radar into a “new dimension” of operational capability. TRS-4D enables ships from patrol vessels to frigate size to exert the different detection tasks of a ship-borne medium range surveillance and target acquisition radar, in blue waters and also in complex littorals with high target densities. It performs faster, more accurate and against a wider scope of targets than in the past.

TRS-4D provides navies and coast guards with the benefits of solid-state based AESA technology, which up to now has been available to highly expensive systems only. Cassidian makes this technology affordable and competitive also for medium-sized Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radars. A non-rotating variant of TRS-4D with four fixed array panels is already under production for the new F125 frigates of the German Navy. The unique detection performance derives from a multitude of Cassidian’s Transmit and Receive Modules, based on the most recent GalliumNitride (GaN) technology. Cassidian is a leading supplier of this technology.