Bulletproof protection under one roof at SA Bullet Resistant Vehicle Co (SABRV)


SA Bullet Resistant Vehicle Co, the trading name of Vehicle Security Glass Pty Ltd, has become a force in the armouring business.

Darryl Franks is the engineering development manager and with his father Hilton, a well-known personality in the industry, are up–armouring all types of vehicles from small cars, to SUVs and trucks (military vehicles excluded).

The Company started after Darryl qualified as an engineer from the University of Pretoria to extend the services of the family business to include the use of armoured glass in civilian vehicles.

The idea, says Darryl, was to “provide protection from the Emperor and his family to the everyday person with a small business”.

This is based on the passion to protect the lives of people by providing innovative practical value for money solutions that cover a multitude of client requirements.

“The Ethos of the Company is to place protection first – ‘Life is Valuable’”.

“We have a comprehensive approach where SABRV handles the full design process from crafting the opaque armoured panels for doors roofs and floors to forming the transparent armour to fit almost every vehicle making it closely indistinguishable from the original,” Hilton Franks said.

Some innovation was required as the Company was receiving requests to come up with new solutions. This necessitated the introduction of their proprietary, ClippInn armour – an easy install, removable and re-usable product. Minimal changes are made to a vehicle, which can be returned to its original state.

Secugard armour is for security companies, which is visible on the sides with curved windows front and back, for mines and other security applications.

Covertex concealed armouring is for special operations and reaction vehicles.

Execulux is for VIP discreet protected vehicles.

This service required a “Single Responsibility” value option for customers from manufacture to the completed product under one roof.

The complex customised engineering of designs for each type of vehicle and machined parts are created in-house including bespoke CNC laser cutting and the specialised forming of the glass to all shapes for almost all vehicle models.

Hilton Franks said it’s a comprehensive approach where the company handles the entire design process, from crafting transparent armour to machining opaque armored panels for doors, roofs, and floors.

The Company has its own R&D facility to test its products in an approved ballistic range to ensure ballistic specifications and best practices are used. All levels of protection are supplied from handguns to high power rifles and more.

SA Bullet has developed bullet-resistant glass that boasts a remarkable 40% to 50% reduction in weight and thickness compared to traditional laminates of similar strength. This innovation not only enhances security but also ensures a discreet appearance for the product less wear and tear on a vehicle and more carrying capacity.

SABRV also offers Resistoshield, a proprietary product designed to safeguard doors and other opaque areas of the vehicle, such as the footwell and bonnet. With these innovative offerings, the company says it continues to set the standard for vehicle security solutions.

“We have the security needs for every pocket. Our motto is “some security is better than none. Life is valuable”, Hilton Franks said.

As SA Bullet Resistant Glass continues to evolve and innovate while investing in new equipment and premises, it says it remains committed to its core values of integrity, respect, and customer satisfaction. “The Company will use green products in its manufacturing to protect the environment and believes in repurposing of waste materials and the use of environment friendly products”. With its integrated approach and unwavering dedication to security, Franks and his son are confident they are poised to lead the industry for years to come.