Badger to strut its stuff on the AAD mobility track


An exhibit expected to attract much attention at next month’s Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) show is the new infantry fighting vehicle destined for service with the SA Army.

The Badger will replace some of the long-serving Ratels and Denel Land Systems (DLS) is well on target with production having reached Product Baseline One earlier this year.

In addition to being able to get up close and personal with a Badger on static display between 14 and 18 September, those with a more than passing interest in land systems, particularly the mechanised infantry side of it, will see the Badger at work. DLS has confirmed a Badger will be one of the military vehicles demonstrating its capabilities on the AAD mobility track.

As part of its Product Baseline One testing, DLS put the Badger through a series of exhaustive tests. One of these was the “bush break” with test drivers using the eight-wheeled armoured vehicle to break through dense bush. Other testing completed to date includes extensive weapons systems – both the 30mm Camgun and mortar – to exacting standards.

Stephan Burger, DLS chief executive, said at the time of testing that 10 000 rounds were put through the 30mm CamGun barrel as part of testing and evaluation.

The SA Army will take delivery of 242 Badgers in nine variants with final delivery scheduled for 2022. Some of these variants are a mortar version with a 60mm, 6 kilometre range breech-loading mortar developed locally by Denel Land Systems, a missile variant with Ingwe anti-tank missiles, section variant, signal variant, ambulance variant, command variant, fire support variant, and artillery variant. The ninth variant could be a logistics variant. The 30mm (30×173 mm) GI-30 cam-operated cannon will be mounted on the section and fire support variants.