Atlantis Group expands its capabilities


The company’s offerings include automation, robotics and CN control and embedded system development.

The Atlantis Group recently revealed its newly refreshed brand identity. The strategic decision to change from Atlantis Corporation to Atlantis Group was made to accommodate the group’s more diverse capability.

Over the past 16 years, the Atlantis Group of Companies has demonstrated its core competencies in high level project management and project facilitation. The company has been involved in a wide and diverse number of projects. Initial research and development within Atlantis primarily focused on defence-related programmes; however, many of the programmes have resulted in a number of substantial commercial and industrial applications.

The expanded capabilities now offered by the Atlantis Group include automation, robotics and CN control and embedded system development.

In a world which is becoming more digitised by the minute, embracing a culture of innovation is the surest way to differentiate a leading company. The Atlantis approach is to identify potential business opportunities in existing and new markets. By utilising core competencies and detailed planning for each unique project defines the roadmap optimised for the client and product.

The new branding brings the rich history that Atlantis has successfully achieved over the past 16 years and furthermore showcases its ability to remain progressive in an ever-more competitive landscape.

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