Armscor places nearly R2 billion in contracts in 2018


The 2018 calendar year saw Armscor place new contracts for defence and defence-related equipment to the value of R1.8 billion.

“The bulk of these were for maintenance and support of various systems for the SA Air Force (SAAF) and SA Army,” Kevin Wakeford, chief executive of the acquisition agency said adding some spending went to “various technology-related contracts with defence evaluation and research institutes”.

Among “significant acquisition contracts” placed this year he cited seven.

They are grenade launchers; elements of a field kitchen system; elements of a field camping system; elements of a ground-based air defence system (GBADS); autonomous gun fire unit elements for air defence; a sniper rifle capacity and tactical communication systems.

Wakeford also noted development of a 30mm remote control weapon station and a radar upgrade as being among the more significant work undertaken during the year.