Armiger launches new online learning platform to empower military veterans


South African training and simulation solutions provider Armiger has launched a new online learning platform explicitly tailored to empower and support the educational needs of military veterans, with the goal of enabling them to thrive in the digital era.

The company said it recognised the unique challenges veterans face transitioning into civilian life and so it has, with like-minded partners, designed a comprehensive learning platform to address their specific needs.

“The platform combines cutting-edge technology with a wealth of resources and content, ensuring veterans can access high-quality education and training programs conveniently,” Armiger said. “One of the platform’s key features is its user-friendly interface, providing a seamless and intuitive experience for veterans with varying levels of technological familiarity. From specialised career development courses to industry certifications, the platform offers diverse subjects, allowing veterans to explore and expand their knowledge in areas that align with their passions and career goals.”

Recognising that financial constraints can sometimes pose a barrier to education, Armiger has partnered with organisations and educational institutions to offer discounted access rates. Additionally, the platform provides access to a dedicated support network, Plough Back Africa, connecting veterans with potential employer-seeking industries.

“Our mission is to empower military veterans with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the rapidly evolving job market,” said Armiger’s Director of Marketing, Johnny Chabalala. “We believe that by harnessing the power of online learning, we can bridge the gap between military service and civilian careers, enabling veterans to embark on their next chapter confidently.”

Launching the online learning platform comes at a crucial time when digital skills are in high demand across many different industries. By equipping veterans with the tools that they need to adapt and excel in a technology-driven world, Armiger said it aims to support their successful transition into civilian life while honouring their invaluable service.