AMD five-committee plan to boost SA defence industry


In what is termed “an exciting development” the SA Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Industries Association (AMD) sets out the way forward for five committees to align the South African defence industry (SADI) in “its sphere of influence, reach and control”.

An AMD newsletter has it the committees will resume “activities under a meticulously crafted plan of action”.

The committees are tasked with policy and strategy; marketing; innovation and future defence; space, and manufacturing. According to the newsletter “the resumption of work … under the new programme of action signifies a significant milestone for SADI”.

“With a commitment to achievable goals and a strategic, adaptable approach, SADI is poised to emerge as a driving force in the contemporary defence landscape.”

The manufacturing committee has streamlining production for self-sufficiency as its desired end stage and is, as per the newsletter, “fostering inter-sectoral defence opportunities in the local and regional market”. It is further “actively engaged in developing synergies that align with BRICS opportunities and the resurgence of Denel.”

“This committee stands at the forefront of establishing visible manufacturing value chains within SADI, contributing to the region’s self-sufficiency in defence production.”

The policy and strategic committee is seen as the sharp end and is tasked with shaping an overall vision for SADI. It has, the newsletter informs readers, laid down a comprehensive framework aligning organisational objectives with the dynamic geopolitical landscape. “The emphasis is on creating policies that not only make an impact but also demonstrate responsiveness to emerging challenges”.

Pioneering technological advancement is the watchword for the innovation and future defence committee. It will, as per the newsletter, foster a culture of innovation and research as well as explore “cutting edge technologies” enabling SADI “to stay at the forefront of the defence sector” and contribute to future defence capabilities.

The space committee will explore and harness the potential of space-based assets, ranging from satellite communications to surveillance.

Finally, the marketing committee aims to enhance and position SADI in the wider defence and defence industry spheres. Targeted campaigns, collaborations and strategic alliances will bolster SADI influence and reach.