Airbus to move some engineering work to India: paper

European plane maker Airbus will transfer 20 % of its engineering and design activities to India and other low-cost countries, an executive was quoted as saying by the Mint newspaper today.
“There is a big push at the top level to grow business in India in the next three to four years,” Eugen Welte, head of operations at Airbus Engineering Centre India Pvt. Ltd said at an aerospace symposium in Bangalore on the weekend, the paper said.
“Around 60 % will be done internally, 40 % local outsourcing,” he added.
Airbus would increase the work it outsourced to Indian firms to save as much as 40 % of costs, the paper cited Welte as saying. The Mint said staffing at Airbus’ engineering centre in Bangalore would increase 450 next year from 120 currently.
Airbus, which also has centres in Russia and China, outsourced work to around 20 IT and engineering service providers, the paper said.