Airbus head says Germany need not be an EADS owner


The head of Airbus said aerospace parent EADS has to be protected from hostile takeovers but does not need the German state to be a shareholder for that.

“Of course one has to make arrangements so that a company like EADS, which is active in military business and develops high-end technology, is protected from hostile takeovers,” Thomas Enders told Welt am Sonntag.

Asked about the “golden share” idea of giving France and Germany veto rights on strategic issues, he said: “One should in any case think about it intensively.”

German automaker Daimler is in talks over reducing its 15 percent stake in EADS, Reuters reports.

Daimler also administers a 7.5 percent stake held by a consortium of banks, giving it the same politically sensitive weight that the French state and French media group Lagardere own together. The French government and Lagardere together hold 22.5 percent of EADS,
“For a successful internationalisation we do not need more but less state shareholding in EADS,” Enders said.
“I am not of the opinion that there needs to be a balance among shareholders,” he added.