Airborne ISR market worth US$18.15 billion in 2012


The global aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) market is worth US$18.15 billion this year, according to a new report that finds that in spite of defence cuts affecting military procurement, investment will continue into airborne ISR in the long term.

Visiongain, which produced the report entitled ‘The Airborne ISR Market 2012-2022: Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Platforms & Technologies for Information Superiority’ stated that, “Airborne ISR is too crucial to suffer dramatic defence spending cuts; and although top line budgets will hit certain markets over the coming years, the long term importance of the capability will drive the market forward.”

In last year’s edition of the report, published in October 2011, Visiongain stated that, “Airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) assets are essential components of military operations where information superiority and battlefield awareness provide significant advantages to forces that can deploy them. Visiongain calculates the global airborne ISR market, including new acquisitions and upgrades, to be worth US$17.3bn in 2011.
“Global airborne ISR market forecasts and analysis for 2011-2021 for four submarkets: airborne early warning (AEW); airborne ground surveillance (AGS); maritime patrol (MP); signals intelligence (SIGINT) show a total global market for the period 2011-2021 to be in excess of US$250 billion. The airborne Maritime Patrol (MP) segment is expected to be in excess of US$6.5 billion for 2011 and US$78 billion for this same ten year period through 2021, while displaying significant growth opportunities.”