AAD on track to be a premier event


The countdown to September 14 continues inexorably on and behind the scenes the work rate at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) offices increases as all involved work toward making it a truly premier event.

To date exhibition organisers have confirmed the attendance of at least 27 civilian aircraft of various types and sizes as well as a 100% booking of the chalet line. Additionally, there is also confirmation of 13 national pavilions.

To further ensure AAD2016 is a truly world-class event SA Air Force (SAAF) Chief, Lieutenant General Zakes Msimang, has also lent his weight to the AFB Waterkloof event.

Last month saw him host a strategic work session with AAD organisers. The session, attended by the AAD executive management team and the various organising teams, enabled the co-ordinating committee to unpack lessons learnt from AAD2014.

The exhibition committee reports “robust discussions around challenges including registration and accreditation, as well as parking, access control and security” taking place during the work session. This contributed to what has been termed “an innovative improvement plan” that will escalate planning and preparations leading up to the September 14 opening day through to final gate closure on September 18 at the conclusion of the airshow.

An exhibition spokesman said: “True to its objectives AAD remains committed to delivering a world-class exhibition and airshows which continues to rise to new dimensions and beyond”.

The exhibition organisers have also named an official contractors list for this year’s AAD. The list includes hospitality chalets, registration, general services, official health and safety, website and corporate design, the show daily, power (generators), cleaning and waste, sanitation, airshow tickets, on-site freight, public address and commentary, security, catalogue and visitor and stand catering.