AAD has got the NCACC nod


All the right boxes have been ticked and there’s no danger of this year’s Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition being called off at the last minute.

AAD 2016 will open for business at AFB Waterkloof on September 14 with approval from all authorities and concerned regulators, including the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC). This has been confirmed by Armscor chief executive Kevin Wakeford. The state owned defence and security acquisition agency is hosting this year’s event which rotates between the Department of Defence (DoD); the South African Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Industries Association (AMD) and the Commercial Aviation Association of South Africa (CAASA).
“AAD will go ahead under the expert watchful guidelines stipulated by the NCACC, the regulatory body overseeing events such as AAD,” Wakeford said adding “this means it’s all systems go for AAD, regarded as the biggest aerospace and defence exhibition in Africa”.

He went on to say that “acknowledgement of compliance is important for AAD as it gives confidence to our partners and exhibitors the show will indeed go on. They can now plan their activities around the event with confidence”.

This approval means AAD will not suffer the fate of last November’s Maritime and Coastal Security conference and exhibition in Cape Town. The event was cancelled just over a week before it was to take place apparently because organisers did not have a marketing permit from the NCACC.

It was reported at the time that the cancellation was because a criminal investigation was underway in connection with the previous Maritime and Coastal Security event.

Wakeford said AAD has “enjoyed a successful and mutually respectful relationship with the NCACC and continues to comply with all the necessary requirements to produce a successful exhibition”.
“AAD supports the vision to ensure South African arms trade and transfer policies conform to international and best practice.”