4th Annual Peacekeeping & Logistics Africa Conference


Intelligence Transfer Centre (ITC) will be hosting the 4th Annual Peacekeeping & Logistics Africa Conference on the 29th & 30th August 2018 at Sierra Burgers Park Hotel, Pretoria. The conference aims to ensure enforced conformity and collaboration as a joint forces initiative in active battle space.

“This year we are especially excited to bring to you recipient of the 2017 UN Military Gender Advocate of The Year Award, Major Seitebatso Pearl Block, SO2 Counter Intelligence, South African Army who will be speaking about the role and contribution of women to peacekeeping missions in the region,” the organisers said.

Lt Gen Derick Mbuyiselo Mgwebi, Former Force Commander for MONUSCO, will deliver the opening address on the best strategies to unite all stakeholders involved in peacekeeping and Advocate Doctor Mashabane, Chief Director; UN Political, Peace & Security, Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) will deliver a keynote address on the impact of the political environment to a mission.

Pertinent issues to be discussed include: evaluating the factors that contribute to the success or failures of Peacekeeping Missions in Africa, discussing the transportation and logistical capabilities of third world country troops in comparison to troops from developed first world countries, evaluating the importance of collaboration between the UN and AU in Peacekeeping missions just to mention a few.

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To register for the conference contact Mbali Mlangeni on 0113262501, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.intelligencetransferc.co.za