15-year world aviation gas turbine market worth $1.2 trillion


Aviation gas turbine engine production data reveals that over the next 15 years, manufacturers are expected to produce more than 589,000 aviation gas turbine engines, including turbofan, turboshaft, turboprop and turbojet types worth $1.232 trillion.

This is according to Forecast International, which said the market for aviation gas turbines is being driven by an impressive aircraft production market comprising three major re-equipment cycles, including an unprecedented demand cycle for new airliners, a market for new business jets and, on the military side, a replacement cycle for aging fighter and fighter-bomber aircraft.

In terms of the types of engines that the aviation gas turbine market will comprise, turbofans will be the dominant type produced, as they will power most of the airliners, all of the business jets and, coupled with thrust-augmenting afterburners, the very high-performance fighters of the future. Turboshafts now power all rotorcraft except a few at the very light end of the spectrum that still employ pistons.

Also, there is still a niche market for turboprops to power some regional airliners and military special purpose aircraft, which have need of the enhanced short-field capabilities provided by turboprops or, in some cases, the slow-speed loitering capability they provide. Finally, there is still a niche market for turbojets, which power missiles of many types as well as some target drones, Forecast International said.