Electronic Warfare South Africa conference programme announced


The organisers of the Electronic Warfare South Africa International Conference and Exhibition have announced the programme for the 2019 event, which is set to feature presentations from various high-ranking military officials, stakeholders in the industry as well as academics and professionals.


The conference and exhibition will be held from 4 to 6 November 2019 at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) International Convention Centre (ICC), Pretoria. The conference programme will include one full day of three specialized conference workshops, two full days of 27 plenary sessions and 12 academic presentations.


The first day, Monday 4 November, will feature workshops on electro-optical system simulation: practical perspectives and applications, cybersecurity in the banking industry and Hensoldt-GEW electronic warfare training.


The second and third day will begin with Major General Des Barker giving a presentation of electronic warfare as a forgotten discipline through an air force perspective, followed by Helmoed-Römer Heitman presenting on Electronic Guerrilla to the Distant Guerrilla – Evolving Threats.


Other notable plenary sessions amongst the 27 include Colonel Andriii Kuzora, Ukrainian military attaché, presenting on modern implementation of ‘hybrid war’ and electronic warfare through a Ukrainian perspective. In addition to the military perspective, Roland Castor from Hensoldt will be presenting on being ahead of the spectrum evolution and approaches to ensure spectrum dominance.


Dr Tinus Stander from the University of Pretoria will aim to shed light on the differences and similarities of going from microwaves to mm-waves and Darren Nicholls from CRFS, a company that creates deployable systems to detect, identify and geolocate signals in a range of complex spectrum environments, will be presenting on the latest time difference of arrival (TDOA) techniques.


The programme and 27 presentation themes revolve around an operational focus, national, regional and international perspectives, defensive and offensive capabilities, technological developments, radio frequency electronic warfare, training, testing and evaluation, cyber and more.


The academic presentations on various solutions such as a low-cost audio DRFM jammer, high-resolution sonar, low-cost direction finder and more will be held during refreshment breaks.


The Electronic Warfare (EW) South African International Conference and Exhibition 2019 urges all local and international stakeholders representing industry, government, academia research and development entities as well as anyone who has a direct or indirect interest in EW to attend.


Sponsors of this year’s event include Hensoldt, SAAB Grintek Defence and Rohde & Schwarz.