Zuma worried about Somalia


President Jacob Zuma says there is no place for complacency in the face of several challenges facing Africa – including Somalia where insurgents are threatening the latest attempt to form a government there.

Somalia has been without an effective national government since 1991.  

In his closing remarks to the 13th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government in Sirte, Libya, on Friday, Zuma also identified Darfur, the Sudan, Madagascar and Guinea as trouble spots.

“All of us know that there can be no development without peace,” Zuma said.
“I must hasten to add that we have every reason to be proud of the enormous gains we have made in the past few years.
“For through our collective efforts, we have contributed to the silencing of guns thereby creating opportunities for the people of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d` Ivoire, Burundi and the DRC amongst others to pursue the path of sustainable socio economic reconstruction,” the president said.
“We also take pride in the fact that increasingly, more countries in our continent continue to choose the path of facilitating contestation of the political space peacefully through democratic elections.
“The challenge of the day is for all of us to commit to stay the course so that our mother continent can earn its place in the sun.
“However, it should be emphasized that there should be no complacency. Many challenges still remain, especially in Darfur, the Sudan, Madagascar, Guinea and Somalia. We all need to redouble our efforts. Somalia in particular, stands as a painful reminder of what happens when there is no peace.
“I wish to salute the courage, loyalty to duty and readiness to sacrifice displayed by the leadership of the Transitional Federal Government. To you my brother, Sheik Sheriff Ahmed, you have heard our expressions of commitment to be on your side. [Ahmed is Somalia`s AU-recognised president]

Zuma said “we” will therefore continue to be “very active on the international front, in pursuit of the goal of achieving a just world and a better Africa.
“I pledge on behalf of the Government of South Africa and the ANC [African National Congress, SA`s ruling party] that we will never betray the cause of African advancement and African unity, and that we will never be found wanting in executing these responsibilities.”