UN: Security Council to decide Sudan mission future


It is up to the United Nations Security Council, not the Sudanese government, to decide whether the UN mission in Sudan continues after the country splits in two, said a UN spokeswoman.

The northern government said on Saturday it had officially informed the UN secretary general that the mission’s term would end on July 9, the day the south is expected to secede.

The mission, known as UNMIS, is working to implement a 2005 peace agreement that ended decades of civil war between the north and south, Reuters reports.
“Our position is simple and clear, it is a matter to be dealt with by the Security Council … The (northern) government can express its wishes, ultimately the decision to leave or stay is a decision for the Security Council,” Hua Jiang, a UN spokeswoman, told Reuters.

Southern Sudanese voted overwhelmingly for independence in a January referendum that was promised under the peace deal. They are expected formally to secede from Sudan on July 9.