Top Mali court confirms Keita is election winner


Mali’s constitutional court confirmed President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita’s re-election in a run-off ballot, rejecting fraud accusations by the opposition candidate.

The decision clears the way for Keita to be inaugurated next month for a second five-year term, at a time when Malian authorities are contending with rising violence by jihadist groups and ethnic militia.

Challenger Soumaila Cisse contested the electoral commission result of the August 12 vote, which showed Keita winning 67%.

The election was tainted by armed attacks in the centre and north, where hundreds of polling stations remain
ned closed and a turnout of 34% reflected fears of violence and voter apathy.

Cisse says he would have won 51% of the vote but for ballot box stuffing and other cheating by Keita’s camp. Keita rejected the allegations.

The European Union observer mission and other local and international monitors said, despite irregularities and disruptions, they saw no evidence of fraud.