Sudan military wants to cede power quickly


Sudan’s military wants to hand power to a democratically elected government as soon as possible in the aftermath of former president Omar al-Bashir’s ousting, a prominent general said in an interview published on Wednesday.

“We got tired. We want to hand over power today not tomorrow,” Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, deputy leader of the ruling military council, told Egypt’s state newspaper Al Ahram.

The council is locked in talks with an alliance of protest and opposition groups demanding civilian leadership for a new sovereign body to oversee a three-year transition to democracy.

Talks were adjourned in the early hours of Tuesday, with no new date set for resumption.

Dagalo, widely known as Hemedti and leader of Sudan’s feared paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), said the military were impatient for a solution.

“Members of the military council are not politicians and we are waiting for a government to be formed,” he said.

The general, who emerged as the most prominent member of the military council which ousted and arrested Bashir following months of protests, said judicial proceedings against the detained former president and some allies were proceeding.

“We have, until now, arrested 25 members of the regime and are preparing files for their charges,” he said.

On Tuesday, Sudan’s main protest group – the Sudanese Professionals Association – called for a general strike, saying the military was insisting on directing the transition and a military majority on the council.

Late on Tuesday, a clip of Dagalo suggesting those who strike could lose their jobs was circulated on social media. In response, protesters posted photos of themselves posing and with signs saying “Hemedti, come and fire me!”

Some protesters accused Dagalo’s RSF of shooting at demonstrations last week, when several protesters were killed and dozens wounded. The military denied that.