Sudan gives top jobs to opposition sons-state media


Sudan appointed the sons of two prominent opposition figures as presidential assistants, state media reported in a possible move to form a more inclusive government as the country faces rebellions and an economic crisis.

Inflation in Sudan hit 19.8 percent in October, about double the level a year ago, an economic hardship exacerbated by the secession of oil-producing South Sudan in July .

The country is also fighting armed insurgencies in its South Kordofan and Blue Nile border states and western Darfur region, Reuters reports.

President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is expected to unveil a new cabinet soon to bring in fresh faces after southern ministers left with the south’s secession.

Jaffar al-Sadiq al-Mirghani, son of the opposition Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) chairman, was appointed presidential assistant, as was Abdel Rahman al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, son of the head of the Umma Party, state radio said.

Bashir appointed three other presidential assistants and seven presidential advisors, state media reported.

The Umma Party and DUP briefly governed Sudan in a coalition during the years before the 1989 coup that brought Bashir to power.

South Sudan voted overwhelmingly for independence in a January referendum, the culmination of a peace deal that ended decades of civil war with the north.