South Africa’s Youth League apologises for Botswana remarks


The Youth League of South Africa’s ANC apologised to the ruling party for meddling in foreign affairs when it called for the overthrow the democratically elected government of neighbouring Botswana.

The African National Congress earlier this month blasted the Youth League and its outspoken leader Julius Malema for the remarks.

Thirty-year-old Malema’s ability to appeal to the masses of poor puts him in an influential position, with senior ANC leaders including President Jacob Zuma courting him to secure their political aspirations, Reuters reports.
“We (the ANC Youth League)… apologise because we note that the leadership of the ANC took serious exception on the statement and classified that statement as transgression of ANC constitution and policies,” it said in a statement.
“The ANC Youth League has never and will never define itself outside the policy confines and directives of the ANC, and will whenever expected be available to listen to political and organisational guidance from the leadership,” it added.

ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu told eNews Channel that the matter would be discussed by the party’s leadership. He did not want to confirm if Malema would face disciplinary action.
“It’s a matter that will be before the ANC structures. Those are the structures that will decide what to do next,” he said.

Malema has already been a thorn in the side for the ruling ANC with his repeated calls for nationalisation of mines in the world’s top producer of platinum and a major supplier of gold.

The nationalisation debate has unnerved investors but struck a chord with poor blacks who make up the majority of the population and who envision Malema as a future leader of Africa’s biggest economy.

His call for state ownership of mines would bankrupt South Africa, economists said, with many seeing it as a ploy to help his allies obtain bailouts for bad investments they made in the sector.