Sall wins re-election in Senegal


Senegal President Macky Sall won re-election with 58% of the vote cast in last Sunday’s poll, provisional results announced by the official counting body show.

The majority win hands Sall a second term without a run-off vote. Opposition candidate Idrissa Seck came second with 21% of the vote and Ousmane Sonko placed third with 16%.

Sall, who rights groups criticise for squeezing out rivals, was tipped to win after a modernising first term that propelled Senegal’s economic growth to over six percent – one of the highest in Africa.

Since Sunday’s vote, opposition candidates rejected reports of an outright victory for Sall, saying their tallies point to a second round of voting.

Seck and Sonko have not yet commented on the National Vote Counting Commission’s results, which are preliminary until validated by the constitutional council. Candidates have 72 hours to register an appeal.

Senegal has long been viewed as West Africa’s most stable democracy, with peaceful transitions of power since it gained independence from France in 1960.

More than 66% of 6.7 million registered voters took part in the election.