Rwandan opposition leader’s Dutch houses searched


Dutch prosecutors have confiscated material from a Rwandan opposition leader in two Dutch houses after a request from the African country where she is suspected of terrorism, said the prosecutors .

Opposition leader Victoire Ingabire was charged in October with helping to form the Coalition of Democratic Forces, a militant group based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She was also charged with threatening national security and public order.
“This involves a legal request from Rwandan authorities for an investigation that has been running for several months. She is suspected of terrorism in that investigation,” a Dutch prosecutors’ spokesman said, Reuters reports.

Dutch prosecutors have confiscated documents and computers and a Dutch court will judge whether legal procedures have been followed correctly before the material can be sent to Rwanda, the spokesman said.

The ruling may take a few months, he said.

Ingabire, the outspoken head of the unregistered United Democratic Forces (UDF) party, returned to Rwanda in January from exile in the Netherlands to contest presidential elections but was barred from standing.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges in a court hearing in October and said she believed the case against her was political.