Progress in appointing new National Police Commissioner


President Jacob Zuma said the process of recruiting a National Police Commissioner is proceeding well and he will make an announcement on the appointment when internal processes have concluded.

The President said this when he at the National Assembly to field oral questions on Thursday.

He was responding to a question by Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Groenewald, who asked when the President was intending to appoint the National Police Commissioner.
“The process of recruiting the National Commissioner of the SA Police Service is proceeding well. We are conducting internal processes that will culminate in making the appointment. I intend to appoint the National Commissioner as soon as this process is finalised.
“On October 24 the Minister of Police released crime statistics for the financial year 2016/ 17. The statistics show an increase – in certain areas – and a decrease in others. We commend the Minister of Police, police leadership and all policemen and women as well as members of the public for their ongoing hard work in fighting crime,” he said.