Parliamentary Question: DoP: Community Policing


Mr S J Njikelana (ANC) to ask the Minister of Police

Whether he has found that programmes on community policing have made an impact on community safety and the crime situation; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (a) to what extent, (b) what are the successes and challenges in this regard and (c) what are the further relevant details?


(a)There are 1121 CPF structures in place at police stations which provides an indication of extensive engagement between SAPS and communities on policing.
(b) The continued functioning of CPF structures is an indication of active engagement between SAPS and communities which signifies a much improved relationship than prior to 1994. Managing perceptions about policing and monitoring and evaluation of the successes and impact of community policing programmes on crime prevention remains a challenge.
(c) A National structure which is formed by the nine Provincial Chairpersons meets quarterly to make inputs into functioning of CPF’s at local level. They share best practices and report on best performing CPF’s. Community projects such as awareness campaigns and imbizos contribute towards the reporting of crime by the communities as well as the promotion of transparency in the service. High numbers of anonymous tip-offs by communities through Crime Stop and Crime Line contributes to police successes including the apprehension of offenders and recovery of goods.

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