Ouattara says security, economy main priorities


Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara said he was pushing to restore security and economic activity in the country following a bloody five-month struggle with his rival Laurent Gbagbo.

Everything was in place to immediately resume cocoa exports, the West African state’s main foreign revenue generator, he said. Branches of the regional Central Bank were likely to reopen next week after being closed for months, paving the way for private banks to do the same.
“I hope that maybe by early next week the Central Bank will start functioning at least at the national headquarters,” Ouattara told a news conference, Reuters reports.
“I have asked that Abidjan should be supplied with CFA currency by cargo plane, so by next week, bank notes will be available at the Central Bank so that banks could replenish their stocks,” he said.

He said he had also signed an order to pave the way for an immediate resumption of cocoa exports.
“The port is under control, I have named an interim director of the port. Everything is in place so that the cocoa could be moved,” he said.

Ouattara said he would ask the International Criminal Court to investigate reported massacres since the power struggle began after a November election, which UN-certified results showed he won but which Gbagbo rejected.