Niger launches telephone hotline to fight corruption


Niger’s government has launched a telephone hotline through which citizens can call to report the corrupt practices which have undermined the economy of one of the world’s poorest nations, officials said.

“This is an innovation. It is a very important tool and will be extended to all public services,” Niger’s Prime Minister Brigi Rafini, said at the inauguration of the line.

The West African nation, which is rich in uranium but suffers perennial food shortages, is battling years of deep-rooted corruption particularly under ex-president Mamadou Tandja, Reuters reports.

Several officials of the previous administration are facing charges for embezzling state funds.

Newly elected President Mahamadou Issoufou has vowed to clean the government and promote good governance so as to attract foreign investments.

A report by the government said the state lost over 86 billion CFA Francs through embezzlement and other corrupt practices during Tandja’s 10-year rule.

On Friday a judge indicted 10 top officials of the previous administration on corruption and forgery charges involving about 1.5 billion CFA Fran