New Guinea-Bissau Prime Minister resigns


Guinea-Bissau’s newly appointed Prime Minister Faustino Fudut Imbali handed in his resignation after an ultimatum from West African regional bloc ECOWAS, the president said.

President Jose Mario Vaz named Imbali prime minister last week but his sacked predecessor Aristides Gomes refused to step down, triggering a political crisis in an already tense context ahead of a presidential election.

Vaz, who is running again in the November 24 poll, dissolved government saying the political situation was undermining normal functioning of state institutions in the West African country.

Regional bloc ECOWAS condemned the move, calling it illegal, and held an extraordinary summit on the Guinea-Bissau political situation in Niamey to pressure Imbali’s government to resign, threatening sanctions if it didn’t comply.

ECOWAS warned any implication of the army or security forces would be considered a coup and met with sanctions.

Instability in Guinea-Bissau has typically taken the form of military coups, led by officers drawn from a narrow military elite who fought for independence in 1963-1974.