New Gabon cabinet


Gabon’s prime minister announced the composition of a new cabinet, just days after the Constitutional Court ordered him to resign for failing to organise legislative elections on time.

The court ruled Prime Minister Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet was no longer legitimate. It also ordered the National Assembly dissolved.

President Ali Bongo, the current head of the Central African OPEC member’s half-century-old political dynasty, reappointed him a day later.

Announced on state television, Issoze-Ngondet’s new 40-member cabinet is composed of 11 ministers of state, 17 ministers and 12 deputy ministers and includes three allies of opposition leader Jean Ping.

Ping refused to recognise his defeat to Bongo, then incumbent president, in a 2016 election international observers said was marred by irregularities and which sparked brief outbreaks of violence.