Mozambique president dissolves cabinet before inauguration


Mozambique’s President Armando Guebuza dissolved cabinet last night ahead of his swearing-in today for a second five-year term.

Simeao Pongoane, VOA Mozambique correspondent says at least 10 presidents from the southern African region have confirmed their attendance at the swearing-in ceremony.
“President Guebuza dissolved his government last night ahead of the ceremony that is going to take place in a short time today,” he said.

Mozambique’s President Armando Guebuza is scheduled to be sworn in today.

Many southern African regional leaders have reportedly also confirmed their participation in President Guebuza’s swearing-in.

Pongoane said several heads of state have arrived.
“Last night President (Robert) Mugabe of Zimbabwe arrived (and the) President of Tanzania (Jakaya Kikwete) arrived,” Pongoane said.

President Guebuza, who is also chairman of the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) troika, is scheduled to lead a special summit after his swearing-in.

The summit is expected to focus on resolving the ongoing political crisis in Madagascar as well as tensions in neighbouring Zimbabwe’s unity government.

Pongoane said President Guebuza has a full schedule.
“In fact, after this swearing-in ceremony this afternoon, the president is going to chair this meeting or summit of the troika to discuss the situation in the region especially, in Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Democratic Republic of Congo and this thing of Angola. As you are aware, the Togolese team was attacked when (they) were going to take part in the African Cup of Nations,” Pongoane said.

He also said foreign ministers of the southern African region met last week in the Mozambican capital, Maputo, and held discussions on political crises in Zimbabwe and Madagascar.