Mozambique election result appeal dismissed


Mozambique’s top court dismissed opposition party Renamo’s application to have the results of its recent general election dismissed – a scenario Renamo said could result in violence months after an historic peace deal.

A written judgement posted on the Constitutional Council’s website and dated November 11 said the council dismissed the appeal to have the victory of President Filipe Nyusi and his party Frelimo in the October 15 election annulled.

“The applicant has not provided sufficient evidence to support its claim,” the judgement said.

It was hoped the presidential, legislative and provincial poll would set the seal on a peace pact signed between Nyusi and Renamo leader Ossufo Momade in August ending four decades of hostility between the two.

Instead it stoked tensions as opposition parties said the vote was hit by major fraud. Momade said the country risked sliding back into violence if the election results were validated.

“If one wants to save Mozambique, the election must be annulled,” he said, according to broadcaster STV, adding Renamo respected the peace accord to date.

“We will not accept that a small group of people alter the will of the Mozambican people.”

The run-up to the election was marred by violence including a breakaway group of former Renamo fighters which staged attacks in the country’s central regions.

There have been attacks since the poll, with analysts fearing the outcome could worsen violence.