Libyan government endorses African Union resolution plan


The Libyan government promised to implement proposals laid out by African countries to end the stalemate in the north African country, as well as draft a constitution and press law.

The official JANA news agency said the government, or the General People’s Committee, at a cabinet meeting on Monday “renewed Libya’s commitment and positive cooperation with proposals included in the African (Union) initiative”.

The cabinet decided to appoint a team to work on the execution of the proposals, JANA added, Reuters reports.

The cabinet has also ordered the drafting of blueprints for a constitution, the press law and law on civil society organisations, it said.

The African Union (AU) has been seeking to find a way to establish a ceasefire in Libya, but its proposals have been repeatedly rejected by the rebels because they do not include the departure of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The AU’s position has been murkier and the organisation — long itself the beneficiary of Gaddafi’s largesse — has declined to join calls for Gaddafi’s ouster, instead accusing Western nations of undermining its own efforts to find a solution to the conflict.