Lesotho senior officials leave for Africa


SADC Facilitator and South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has welcomed the departure of three senior Lesotho Defence Force and Police officials to various destinations in the continent of Africa.

According to the Presidency, the three senior officers — Lieutenant General Tlali Kamoli, Lieutenant General Maaparankoe Mahao and Commissioner Khotatso Tsooana left Lesotho on Friday, on working visits to Uganda, Sudan and Algeria, respectively.

Deputy President Ramaphosa said the senior officials’ departure ensures the implementation of the decisions of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Heads of Government, when they met in Pretoria, and is in line with provisions of the Maseru Security Accord.
“This is an important confidence building measure in returning the country to security stability, as this will add to the creation of a climate that is conducive for elections to take place in February 2015,” said the SADC Facilitator, Deputy President Ramaphosa.
“The Maseru Security Accord provided for the three senior officers to take leave of absence and to undergo working visits, in their related fields of work, to various destinations in the continent of Africa thus allowing space for normalcy in the build up towards the February elections,” he added.

He said this will go a long way in building the necessary confidence in the process of the stabilisation of the security situation in the Kingdom of Lesotho, as part of regional efforts to help return the country to political stability.

He expressed gratitude on behalf of the SADC Heads of States and Government, to the governments and peoples of Uganda, Sudan, Algeria and the African Union Commission, for facilitating the hosting of the three senior officers during their leave of absence.

Meanwhile, SADC Facilitator, Deputy President Ramaphosa will next week return to Maseru for on-going consultations with relevant political and security role-players, with a particular focus on preparations for the holding of the brought forward general elections scheduled for February 2015.

The Presidency said this is part of the efforts to consolidate the implementation of provisions of the Maseru Facilitation Declaration and the Maseru Security Accord.