Ivory Coast top court declares Ouattara president


Ivory Coast’s Constitutional Council ratified he results of a presidential election showing that Alassane Ouattara won, reversing an earlier decision to reject them.

The court’s initial rejection of electoral commission results from the November 2010 poll sparked a more than 4-month power struggle between Ouattara and incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo that killed thousands and displaced more than a million.

Constitutional Council President Paul Yao N’Dre said the top legal body now accepted Ouattara won the election, Reuters reports.
“The Constitutional Council … proclaims Alassane Ouattara President, takes note of decisions made by (him) and declares them all valid,” N’Dre announced to reporters in Abidjan.
“The Constitutional Council invites the President Alassane Ouattara to take an oath in front of an official audience as soon as possible. All decisions contrary to this one are null and void,” he added.